This article is all about the romantic relationship between Fox and Rabbit.

In numerous episodes, it's obvious that Rabbit has a crush on Fox, and it appears to be an ultimately one-sided crush. It's possible that Fox might have a crush on Rabbit as well, but she seems to only like him as a friend, although she appears to be at least somewhat aware of the fact that Rabbit has a crush on her, and may be flattered by the fact that he has feelings for her.

The Art of the CrushEdit

In the begining of the episode Rabbit is angered that Fox wants to come on the mission he planned for only he and Skunk to go on but she goes any way. When the three stop to make camp she pins him down when he claims the mission to be too dangerous making him blush. Skunk notices this and teases him about it. Rabbit walks away in hopes of avoiding the situation.

The next day he catches a bunch of Ninja Monkeys reading poems he wrote about Fox. When Baboon tries to use one of the poems to impress her, Rabbit is angered about him useing his line. Just then Skunk reads a poem a loud which clearly shows Rabbit's affections for Fox. Before he can finish Rabbit tears up the poem in embarressment and Fox blushes and giggles at his poems possibly liking them. When Fox kisses Skunk in order to get him embarress and stink down a wall of Ninja Monkey's Rabbit is angered and possibly jealous. Once they get out Rabbit threatens to beat up Skunk for what he did and Skunk mocks him about his crush. Fox blushes as Rabbit and Skunk run off.

The Art of HospitallityEdit

When a group of Ninja Monkeys begin to throw things out of Rabbit's burrow one of the things is caught by Skunk which is a picture of Fox. Rabbit sees this and takes it away. But Skunk still mocks Rabbit for the picture as Fox just laughs. Rabbit tries to cover it up by it only being a picture of any fox and that it belongs to the monkeys who are trying to make him angry.

The Art of LightingEdit

In the begining of the episode Rabbit tells Skunk an exaggerated victory he had against Baboon where Fox picks him up and kisses him making Rabbit's eyes turn into hearts. She also calls him handsome.

The Art of StealingEdit

When Skunk shows Rabbit the crystal he stole from Dragon, Rabbit has a fantasy about having the crystal for himself. In the fantasy Fox sits by him in awe of his power.

The Art of RememberingEdit

In Rabbit's retelling of the story, Fox is dressed in sleek Ninja attire. He calls her a foxy lady and she giggles when he makes her make him tea. She then blushes at him when he saves her and Skunk from a group of Ninja Monkeys. Rabbit in return blushes back and his eyes turn into hearts only to get picked on by Skunk.

The Art of Leaving them LaughingEdit

When Fox pins Rabbit down, thinking he was a monkey in the dark, Rabbit smiles saying she can't keep her paws off him. Later when the giant Ninja Monkey attacks the Valley and nearly crushes Rabbit she jumps to help him. Though this seems to be more of just a friendly gesture it is one of the key points to show that Fox has feelings for Rabbit in return.