When Panda hears that Baboon's making a bigger army of Ninja Monkeys, he has the women of the Valley (Fox, Duck and Crane) train Skunk in the art of fan-fighting so they can do a move called the Four Winds Attack. At first, Skunk enjoys it, but starts having second thoughts when Rabbit and Pig (mainly Rabbit) start teasing him about it, claiming that it's a "girly" style of Kung Fu. Eventually, Skunk confronts his trainers about the techniques.

However, when Baboon's Ninja Monkey-army comes by, all the Ninja Monkeys are on stilts and easily defeat Rabbit, Pig and Skunk. When they get knocked into a tree, Skunk manages to get out of the way in time, but Rabbit and Pig get stuck under it. As Skunk tries to help them, Fox, Duck and Crane come by and manage to defeat some of the Ninja Monkeys using their fan-fighting skills. Skunk tries to help them, but Crane blows him into the fallen tree, pointing out his earlier comment about fan-fighting being "dumb girly stuff." But when there's too many Ninja Monkeys for the women to take out, despite their fan-fighting skills, Skunk realizes that the three need him to do the Four Winds Attack.

Rabbit, stupidly enough, basically tells Skunk that he'd rather have the Valley be destroyed than actually save it through fan-fighting. Skunk helps the women anyway, also apologizing for what he said to them earlier, while Rabbit makes fun of them. Skunk and the women do the Four Winds Attack, which is a massive cyclone that blows all the Ninja Monkeys away. Rabbit and Pig are impressed by it, and decide to take up fan-fighting. Skunk, Fox, Duck and Crane manage to get back at them by making them wear these humiliating costumes.

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Skunk: Thanks for coming, Master. The rescue center needs all the help we can get.

Panda: Oh, what of coure, Skunk. Aren't you little puppies & kitties we're never go out of style.

Skunk: Once a year, a lucky vallen tear gets to clean the hamster habtat! I signed up for months to be sure I get it. House cleaning!

Panda: Oh. Uh, Skunk, aren't hamsters are humptins?

Skunk: They sure are, but they're cute & cuddly like bunnies.
Skunk Fu! - The Art of the Fan Fan

Skunk Fu! - The Art of the Fan Fan

Ok, everyhaster. Follow Master into the next room. He'll take good care of you, while I give your home a nice scrub.

5 hours later....

Skunk: Master! What happened?!