Characters Edit

  • Skunk
  • Bird
  • Baby Elephant
  • Duck
  • Baby Simon
  • Baby Sam
  • Fox
  • Rabbit
  • Lenny

Quetos Edit

Skunk: It's not my fault. I don't know, Pig.

Rabbit: D - d - Oh!

Panda: Oh. Careful, Rabbit.

Pig: *crying*

Panda: Oh no. Here we go. Oh! Sorry, Pig.

Baby Elephant: *giggle*

Pig: *cry* I want my snugly, not you, Elephant! *crying*

Baby Elephant: *cooing*

Hen: Ahhh! Look what you've done to Pig's snugly!!!! He said that he was a baby, & he really loved it, you know?!

Rabbit: Yeah, kid.

Baby Elephant: *giggle*

Skunk: Well, I am Master's special helper & I was doing the dusting. And I think but that tree thing would be perfect. I didn't know it was special.

Panda: I know, Skunk, we'll not to worry. I'll hop it in the lake & it'll be as good as new before we know it!

Cast Edit

Skunk (voiced by Jules de Jongh)

Panda (voiced by Paul Tylak)

Rabbit (voiced by Paul Tylak)

Hen (voiced by Paul Tylak)

Baby Elephant (vioced by Patricia Rodriguez)

Pig (voiced by Tony Acworth)