The Art of Stickiness -Rabbit leads a mission to capture some Ninja Monkeys using traps made of sticky tree sap, but Skunk and his friends can’t resist playing with the stuff. They get so sticky that they’re barely able to fight off the attacking Ninja Monkeys. Before long, both the animals and the Ninja Monkeys are stuck together in huge, dueling sap balls.


Turtle: Hi, guys!

Rabbit: Turtle? What are you doing here?

Part 1Edit

Bird: *claps* *tweets* *splats on him*

Skunk: Hey, you guys! Knock it off! I'm trying to work!

Pig: Hey, kid! I'm trying to relax! Oh, this looks my skin so soft!

Part 2Edit

Skunk: *acting like a monkey* I'm a Ninja Monkey just walkin' around the wairror! *acting like a monkey again* *giggle* Oops! What's this? I stepped in! Oh no! *laugh* Eh - Huh? I'm stuck!