Skunk Fu
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 9/22/07
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When Rabbit starts his own kung fu school, Skunk can't decide which school to join so he joins both.


The episode starts with Baboon's army lauching an invasion of the valley animals, who are on a nearby hill. As the Ninja Monkeys approach, Rabbit is itching to attack but Panda tells him to wait. Rabbit has a tantrum as the monkeys approach the valley forces on top of the hill. As the monkeys approach the valley forces they all collapse out of exhaustion, having run the enitre way. Panda and Skunk walk away from the battle as Skunk admires how Panda's method of winning a battle. Rabbit comes by to say that they were just lucky, and should have "pounded those monkeys". He jumps on top of a tree branch to declare that he is going to start his own kung fu school and he wants Skunk to be his first student. Skunk is confused and says that he can't just leave Panda. Rabbit leaves saying skunk just missed out on the best butt-kicking school ever.

We later see a banner that says Rabbit's School of Butt-kicking in the canyon with a small class consisting of Pig, Snake, and a couple others. Rabbit grabs spying monkeys to join his school as test dummies. Using the monkeys, he demonstrates his "dirty" fighting methods on the unfortunate monkeys. Rabbit says that in his school, warriors earn belts. Skunk wants one so tries to sneak one but grabs Snake, who quits, which is when Rabbit catces skunk and demands he join his school.

Skunk then decides that he can secretly go to Rabbits school and still go to Panda's. Skunk runs back to Rabbit to join and persuades Rabbit not to tell Panda. Rabbit 's philosophy is "Always fight dirty, make the enemy hurty". He has a trainging session with Skunk which Skunk wins and earns a green belt. After class is over Skunk rushes to Panda's class.

During a competition to determine whether or not Panda's or Rabbit's school will stay open, both Rabbit and Panda call out their greatest student: Skunk. Skunk admits to what he has done and fights himself to help determine the winning school. While Rabbit is overjoyed, Panda causes Skunk to stop, saying he can not watch Skunk hurt himself.

The episode ends with Rabbit's school being ruined and the two abused Ninja Monkey's performing one of his own unfair moves on him.

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Panda: Can the next trend be little less, messy, Ox?


Part 1Edit

Skunk: *smell 3 cookies* AH AH AH AHHH-CHOOOOO!

Part 2Edit

Skunk fu The Art of Rivalry part2

Skunk fu The Art of Rivalry part2