The Art of Remebering is the only two part episode of Skunk Fu . It is the series finale and is one of the most favored episodes in the Skunk Fu fan base.


At the begining of the episode a very frightened Skunk, Rabbit, and Fox report the shocking news that Panda has been stolen by Baboon. However all three of them begin to tell exagerated stories about how the steal took place were they are all the hero's.

The first to tell is Rabbit. In his version Fox is a sleek, stupid girl in love with him, Panda is always admiring his ideas and Skunk is the "dorky kid". Rabbit exaggerates to much and has more focuss on his made up victory.

In Fox's story she is the greatist warrior in the valley and is trying to protect Panda and a legendary sword but even though she won a dance match to Baboon he takes Panda away. The story helps Duck even less.

The finale one to tell the story is Skunk who claims it all to be like some sort of video game. Right after that Panda actually comes to them saying that they all had a different views on what happened. But when they leave he reveals to Duck that they actually just fell asleep and had different dreams in one of Panda's boreing lessons.


Rabbit: Now, you,re raising a good boy, you little -

Baby Elephant: *sobbed baby*

Pig: Um, Duck, is that your baby, or mine?

Duck: Well, mine.

Panda: I got this one, Duck! Here you go, boy! Aw, there's a good little Baby Elephant!

Baby Elephant: *sucks*

Bird: Well, I,m kind of a name is Baby Elephant.


Duck: Oh, it's ok, Ox. I,ve haven,t of a baby boy. His name is Baby Elephant.

Panda: But the little boy seemed to like the name so much! It,s just a happy boy! Isn't that right, Baby Elephant?

Baby Elephant: *burp* *laughing*

Panda: *chuckles* That's my baby boy!

Baby Elephant: *laughing baby*

Part 1Edit

Baby Elephant: *giggle*

Fox: Hey! You shouldn't be eating cake! And besides, this belongs to Skunk.

Pig: Aw, let it go, Fox! He,s 17 months old!
Skunk Fu! - The Art of Remembering I

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Remembering I

Part 2Edit

Skunk: Baby Elephant, if you steel my cake, you baby brother, I'm gonna turn you into a cake!

Baby Elephant: *giggling baby*

Skunk: *chuckle*
Skunk Fu! - The Art of Remembering II

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Remembering II