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Skunk and Epi, the female Ninja Monkey

In the episode The art of monkey love, it was Dragon's birthday. And as a "gift" he wanted for Skunk to be captured alive. Baboon then came up with an idea to impress Dragon; a Ninja Monkey would be disguised as a female skunk. The monkey, named Epi, was the name what the monkey told skunk after he asked about the name. The trap didn't work however. Skunk was convinced, however, that Epi was a skunk. He also brought down the ninja monkeys down a new way! Ox Bird Pig Tiger Snake and Frog soon made fun of Skunk amd Epi. Later when Rabbit appeard he told Skunk that Epi was really a Ninja Monkey in disguse, but Skunk didn't trust Rabbit. They started a fight about it. Later, Epi ran back to the Ninja Monkey training grounds. When the fake makeup was smeared on Baboon's hands, Skunk was convinced Baboon had killed Epi, although he soon learned Epi was alive. That was when Skunk realized Rabbit was right. Skunk said good-bye to Epi and escaped. Baboon presented a birthday cake to Dragon, but ultimately, he was burned as usual.


Skunk: Oh Poor, Epi! What did they done to you? Why?!
Skunk Fu! - The Art of Monkey Love

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Monkey Love