When Skunk suddenly remembers something about his parents in the past, he becomes upset when he never knew them. This of course concerns Master Panda and Fox as they try to make him feel better, but when he's captured, Dragon tells Skunk about what happened to his parents. Dragon was the one who killed them and that was why Skunk did not know them. Now full enraged he faces off Dragon full of anger and hate, before he makes his escape. Skunk tells the valley animals what happened and informs them that Dragon was the who killed his parents in his past. This of course makes the others sad, but Master Panda tells Skunk that he already has a family.

Charters Edit

  • Baby Elephant
  • Bird
  • Crane
  • Duck

Quetos Edit


Skunk: Oh yeah! Here it is. Crying.

Baby Elephant: WWAAAAA!