The Art of Luck -Dragon gives Baboon the power to give the “Jinx’s Palm”—a one-shot deal where whoever is struck with his blow is suffered with horrible bad luck. His target: Panda. But when he strikes Skunk instead, Skunk finds a way to use his terrible luck to his advantage by wreaking havoc on the Ninja Monkeys. Baboon then tries to stop him by using the “Fortunate Palm,” a good luck remedy, in an epic clash of good and bad luck.

Skunk Fu!- The art of luck

Skunk Fu!- The art of luck

Video Edit

Panda: Oh. *sobing*

Skunk: M-Master!

Skunk: *sobing*

Skunk: Come on, with up with - Hey, we got company coming, Master. What's wrong with him, Rabbit?

Rabbit: I don't know, kid.

Panda: Oh, I just spilled the milk.