Skunk Fu
Season 1, Episode 10
Kung fruit
Air date 10/20/2007
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Skunk tries to escape his lessons by getting Panda's favorite food as a child. The plumbs only grew at lung mountain. Skunk goes to get it with help from a reluctant Fox and Rabbit. But as soon as skunk reaches to the lung mountain, Dragon starts to want skunk and the plumbs. Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys ambushes skunk, but fox and rabbit saves skunk. Baboon chooses to make the two pay for rescuing skunk, but skunk helps his two friends out just like they helped him out. Skunk tells the others why they came to Lung mountain, which enrages them both. As our heroes get back to The Valley skunk gives Panda the fruit hoping to not do his lessons. He is disappointed when panda said he exaggerated and makes skunk continue his lesson. But they DID have their victory one thing that evreyone was proud of.

Skunk Fu! The Art of Kung Fruit

Skunk Fu! The Art of Kung Fruit


Panda: You watch the baby while I'm gone.

Skunk: Ok, Master.