In the episode The art of being heavy, Baboon had a meeting with Dragon. The latter was unpleased with how the army was progressing, as in the last three invasions, the Ninja Monkeys were detected before they were even in The Valley. Baboon stated his troops were good at hide-and-seek, but Dragon wasn't at all convinced that would make a difference. Fire soon breathed out of Dragon's mouth, but rather than burning Baboon, it set off steam. Dragon stated that this would hide the Monkeys approach. During a routine training lesson, Skunk said he wasn't feeling well because of the mist, but Panda quickly stated the mist was good for the health of oneself. Panda said the Skunk had to learn to be as heavy as a mountain in the lesson. Skunk, however, was unsuccessfull in both knocking over Panda or not getting knocked over. Turtle said Skunk would need more training, just as Rabbit said The Lake was filled with warships from Dragon's Navy, containing Ninja Monkeys. Skunk got seperated from Rabbit on the way, but found a boulder and decided to use the boulder as a mount. By the time Rabbit had gotten to The Lake, Turtle, Tiger, Fox, Pig and Panda had already arrived. At least eight warships were approaching. They managed to push back the first wave of monkeys back to the lake, but more crawled out, and the damp first wave got up. Skunk however, had arrived. He used his boulder to aid his colleauges in repulsing the Monkeys. He was briefly stuck between two trees and the monkeys almost had him, but Rabbit managed to rescue him and help him get clear. Taking control of a boat, Rabbit, Tiger, and Pig sailed over to the main enemy fleet. Skunk attempted to use his boulder to catch up, but the rock ultimately halted. Meanwhile, rienforcements were brought in for the Monkeys, and Rabbit, Tiger, and Pig struggled to repulse their boarders. Skunk, abandoning his mount, snuck aboard the Monkey warships and took out their plugs, sinking them out one by one. He eventually got on board Baboon's flagship, where Baboon nearly had his hands on Skunk, but the former pulled the plug just in time. Panda, stating while Skunk hadn't learned his intended lession, but had managed to learn another. Rabbit, having gotten a boulder, tried to copy Skunk's doing, but lost control when the rock went downhill and ultimately regretted it.


Skunk Fu! - The Art of Being Heavy

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Being Heavy

Is bedtime.

Skunk: Ya a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a!

Rabbit & Pig are ready for sleep. But Skunk fancie a late night movie.

Skunk: I want my video!

Panda: You can't go do sleeping please?

Skunk: I want my video!

Panda: Well you not happing. Now stay there for go to bed.

Skunk: Shut up! I want my video!

Panda: Are you not?

Skunk: Shay! I! Out! You have n!

Panda: You not!

Skunk: Yoy, yoy, yoy!

Panda: Not away!

Skunk: You bitch, you bitch, you never I you play my bitch, you bad bitch! Wawawawawawawawawawawawawawa!