This article is about the relation between Fox and Skunk

' ' ' The Art of the Crush' ' '

  • In the judo lesson Skunk tells Fox that he's not going fought her very tough
  • Fox don't actually hit Skunk she just pins him
  • Fox pins Skunk and said "I expect you to be your toughness" causing him to smile
  • After being defeated by Fox, Skunk blushes and warns her that he's going skunk
  • Fox kisses Skunk on the nose but only for making him skunk

' ' ' The Art of Patience ' ' '

  • In Sweeping,Skunk Finds out that Fox is Training and Wants To be Patient.
  • Skunk later sees That He Follows The trail of being Patient.
  • Skunk began to cry.

Quetos Edit

Baby Elphant: *cry*

Skunk: Uh, c'mon little one. Have a heart.

Baby Elephant: *cry*

Skunk: Dude, I fed you & changed your yucky diapers, what else is wrong? HUH?!

Baby Elephant: *crying* *whine*

Skunk: Huh?

Baby Elphant: *cry*

Skunk: Aww, that's it! You got a burp, right?

(Skunk 4 pats on Baby Elephant's back)

Baby Elephant: *burp*

Skunk: Way to go, guy!

Baby Elephant: Yeah! *giggle*

Skunk: Oh, you look kinda cute! I know what you need.....A horseie ride!