Skunky will be a new character in the second season of Skunk Fu. She is a young female skunk who usually hangs out with Fox, saying she is like a friend she never had. She gets along well with everyone, except for Rabbit. With Skunk's help, she is able to learn kung fu. Skunky may seem perfect but she has one flaw -  she can't seem to learn her lesson. In some upcoming episodes, she and Skunk will end up hugging each other, kissing eachother and say they love each other, in which everyone is aware of.

Charters Edit

  • Skunk
  • Panda
  • Rabbit
  • Pig
  • Baby Elphant
  • Turtle
  • Ox

Quetos Edit

Rabbit: Skunk, are you bleeding?

Skunk: Rabbit! I'm so glad you're awake!

Rabbit: Ngh...

Skunk: You're really hurt...

Rabbit: Sorry. You're gonna have to take over a bit.

Skunk: Rabbit, What are....

Rabbit: I'll be back soo- *poof*

Skunk: RABBIT!