Exit The Dragon was the working title for an animated movie from Irish company Cartoon Saloon. The film was to conclude the first season of Skunk Fu! and possibly lead into a second season. Though production was announced on Cartoon Saloon's website along with promotional art, the film has yet to see further details as far release or completion is concerned.

From what little information gathered about the movie while it was still set in motion, the story was going to focus on Dragon attempting to find and revive the lotus flower he once burned to free himself and get the Valley animals personally. The Lotus Flower, among other details in Dragon's backstory, was not mentioned anywhere in the actual cartoon and so it seems that the promotional ideas said by creators on the official site were going to be officially put into action with this film.

Skunk Fu! was not lit for a second season and due to the low popularity of the series, as well as other film projects Cartoon Saloon has lined up, it's unlikely the show will see true production or completion anytime soon.

The film's title is a shout out to the Bruce Lee martial art film Enter the Dragon.

Speculation Edit

Besides fan fictions being made, fans have a couple speculations about what the movie would or could be about. Some of the more popular ideas include:

  • The movie would show us Dragon's backstory in a proper flashback sequence.
  • The War of the Ninja Monkeys and the Valley animals would come to end and Dragon would be usurped by a new villain for Season 2.
  • A new character would be added to the cast of villains. Possibly a monkey/ape if the concept art from a few of the series artists have any indications.
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Quetos Edit

Skunk: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! It burns! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Fox! Master! Help me! Rabbit threw me into the sun!

(meanwhile master panda & fox did not get to skunk on time)

Panda: What the? Skunk is dead. Rabbit, isn't it true that you threw Skunk into the Sun?!

Rabbit: Um, yes.