Dragon has gathered forces to crush The Valley. Backed by the countless numbers of Ninja Monkeys in Dragon's Army, Dragon's Navy normally helps in water-based operations. One of these occasions was with their approach masked by Dragon's steam, they used boats to launch a water-borne invasion on The Valley. There was about eight boats in the attack. All boats that participated were sunk, however, when Skunk pulled out their plugs. No known operations from the Navy have happened since.

The Art of Being Heavy

This is the first episode to feature the navy. In this episode, a thick mist is made by Dragon which the monkeys use for covering the great number of their ships. This tactic made the animals realize how out numbered they were.

The Art of Monkeying around

Only in the begining of the episode did the navy appear again.

The monkeys and baboon lead a attack on Skunk, Ox and Bird but they failed and not only was Baboon thrown over board but the monkeys then left him.
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