"You've made your final blunder" - Dragon in The Art of Wu-Shu

Dragon is the supreme leader of Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys as well as the main antagonist of the show. He is a black and white Chinese Dragon capable of breathing fire. He is the only character on the show that features a pair of glowing white eyes. Dragon is diabolical and extremely hateful. Yet in the main back story, he was once a protagonist.

History and Bio Edit

Dragon was the guardian of the valley and a childhood friend of Panda. Sometime before the show began, Heaven sent a horrible drought to "test Dragon's loyalty". Dragon could not bear to watch his friends die so, despite Panda's warnings, used his power of water to make it rain. Of course when he did this Heaven was angered and punished him by taking away his power to fly and made his once beautiful scales black and ugly and hurled into the mountain and attracting the attention of the mysterious hooded bat named the Overlord.

Overlord, who's been too, shunned by the world by exiling into the mountain, offer the battered Dragon of his position for as his disicple. For the use of his knowledge of the valley resistance's movement,Overlord grant this ancient creature back of his inconceivable power and immortality.Having nothing left to lose, Dragon imburse himself into a life long study of magics and studies and persuade the Ninja Monkeys to burn down the valley, hoping of attacked the animals and blamed them for his punishment, chasing them from the mountain with his power of fire. In this rampage he ended up burning a mysterious lotus flower, which took away his power of water, burning him with his own fire. Despite being burnt, He retreated with his newfound mentor into the icy lake, in which the overlord create to suppress Dragon's already burned skin of Lung mountain to sooth his burns. The Overlord, using the combination of ancient technology and the spa, transformed the ex-protector of the valley into the menacingly creature that the valley dweller and what we knew today.

Harboring true hatred and a need for revenge, Dragon plots to destroy the Valley animals completely, raging war against them. Being the dragon that he is, his temper can get outrageous with almost everyone he knows, even his own minions. He'll often burn Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys over trivial matters. Given his decision to blame the animal for his punishment, as well as his continued abuse of Baboon over trivial things, it appears Dragon has a tendency to negate blame from from himself onto everyone else. Besides being angry, Dragon has little humor left in him (except when it comes at someone else's expense). He doesn't entertain Baboon's jokes or attempts to please him. He also demands respect from his minions to the point of threatening to kill a "monkey" for speaking gibberish at him.

Dragon is persistent about destroying the animals and will do anything to see the Valley perish for what he went through. He seems to still have some respect for Panda and also misses his old life as seen in The Art of Kung Fruit. Panda and him were even willing to make a bet outside of Baboon and Skunk's Wushu competition on who would win. Still he doesn't appreciate Panda cursing his dreams to forever be filled with blueberry pies (which he hates).


Dragon is the largest character in the series. His scales are deep purple with a white stomach. Early concept art suggests that artists were thinking of making him all black, though this idea was never set into motion in the series proper. Dragon's appearance differs from every other character in the show, which has a much smoother, complete look to their design. With the exception of his head, Dragon's entire body is made up of different notches, giving him a more mechanical look than the rest of the cast.

He has goat-like horns, pupil-less white eyes, and four fronds on the end of his tail. His mane, beard, and eye brows are a dusty dark green. Feelers, present in modern and even some ancient depictions of Chinese dragons, give the impression of a mustache on his lip.

Dragon and Baboon

Dragon instructs Baboon.

A younger Dragon is seen in the intro to the series and in an animatic by the series creators. The animatic depicts him with wings and his colors being a mix of red and yellow. The intro however, while being in a less-detailed style, shows him to once be of a goldish color.

The only other depiction of Dragon without his burns was in the episode "The Art of Kung Fruit", where a flashback depicts a yellow-green Dragon and Panda as children on the Hill of Moons.

Abilities and NotesEdit

  • The only move he seems to be able to do while in his cave is breathe fire. Though he still regains his power to give commands to Baboon and the Ninja monkeys.
  • He is also shown to have magic on his side. In The Art of Luck he was able to gain the powers of the Jinx's palm and fortunate palm. In The Art of Stealing he is shown to use crystals in a lot of his spells. Said crystals are mined in Long Mountain's caves, and which he has a psychic connection to. Another gem he held some power over was the Jewel of Hong - Man in The Art of Dream Control, which he used to invade the dreams of Skunk and potentially the other animals.
  • Dragon bears a resemblance to other animated villains, most notably Aku from Samurai Jack and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Dragon's origin story bares resemblance to real Chinese folklore and legends, namely that of guardian dragons having power over water and Heaven punishing those who step out of line.

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Joy (wife)

Noah (son)

Nick (son)

Max (son)

Nina (daughter)

Victor (brother)

Ben (father)

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